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Skill set for the Covid era

It’s been sometime since magzblog has come up with a sensational article. Instilling a pep to the readers in pandemic times where losing jobs, falling market Indices, soaring gold prices are the norm of the day all indicative of a perplexed world. To help rebuild focus on entrepreneurial skills and perform tasks well magzblog wants to high light on specific skills that might serve as a platter to relish and hone their skills bracing for the post covid era in days to come.

Critical thinking
It is one skill which makes you class apart and a invaluable resource. It adds diversity yet propels towards effective solutions. The skills that we need in order to be able to think critically are actually varied, has to be developed over time and include observation, analysis, interpretation, reflection, evaluation, inference, explanation, problem solving, and decision making. The process involves with asking basic questions to ourselves which can be sometimes too convoluted when trying to solv…
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Innovation and you

Table Of Contents Well I am definitely not a brand ambassador for Phillips. But true protagonists of ‘innovation’ for the optimist’s vibe I imbibe. We tread the different stages of our Life with experience gained with passage of time. And if we thoughtfully dwell into the past how many times might have we innovated ourselves for I believe thatits one characteristic attribute which is the process of creating something new that’s makes life better and brings a influx of endorphins in you. A set of guiding principles if adopted in life may ignite the spark in you. Be AdaptableBe adaptable and be open to change. In the present scenario of pandemic and economic recession every day is a challenge and it’s all in the thought process of how we innovate and adapt to its challenges. Innovation is linked to adaptability, it is further linked to resilience and the process of getting adopted and its manifestation reckons innovation. Change is not only constant but its rate of change has also accele…

Cha... I should have done this

Cha.. I should have done this. This is Absolutely Not required.
There are 7.8 billion souls in this planet of which roughly around 75% of population is above 18 years. and the common introspection is cha.. i Should have done this, or arrey I should have done this.
There can be numerous instances to make you feel desperate. Some will die today tomorrow or after a decade. But you are alive now and doable and that’s the best part.
Desperation, vex, annoyance, irksome or botheration is a common occurrence to many in this modern technological geek world, the aspirations of many attrition-ed  due to prevailing recession a major outcome of Covid infestation. The bread winners in the family raring to get back to the work, the school kids missing their mischievous pals and their favorite teachers at school, Sporting champions rueing in their own backyard burning their muscular machines, celebrities losing stardom as their films in their kitty are getting dried up. My heartfelt condolences to the u…

World Environment Day - An Awareness Campaign

World Environment Day On the 5th of June the world celebrated the world environment day with the theme 'biodiversity' after 'air polution' from the previous year. The celebration is being hosted in Columbia in partnership with Germany. It is being celebrated to create awareness in the minds of people on emerging environmental challenges of pollution, population, climate change, to preserve biodiversity and waste management towards global environment sustenance. So what is the significance of this  Environmental sustenance from India's stand point around world environment day? Magzblog highlights the awareness and campaigns the importance on environment sustenance.

Green house effect India is the fastest developing countries in the world. You will be surprised that it is the fourth largest emitter of green house gases in the world. Greenhouse gases are those gases in the atmosphere that trap heat from the sun and helps the earth's climate habitable for the life…

Is air travel safe?

Table Of Contents
The corona outbreak started from the city of Wuhan in china and spread its wings to the world over. With increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases spreading on one side and at the same time the stark contrast of economy declining on other side  is looming large in the face of nations world over. More than two months of lock down people are raring to get out of their homes to earn and fend for their living. With many people, family members, entrepreneurs stranded at different distant places opening of air travel was a necessity as thoughtfully perceived by ministry of civil aviation and resumed domestic flight operations. But the dangling question is, Is air travel safe? In flight transmission of contagious and infectious disease is a global health concern as the air travel can serve as a channel of spread for pandemics. In India with the domestic flights resuming on May 25 a detailed outlook on risk of fliers and their degree of safety is assessed by magzblog.

New Norm…

Twitter is rife with earthquakes in Delhi

Already we are in the midst of a pandemic from COVID-19 virus, the western and northern borders are being attacked by swarms of locusts, Toxic styrene Gas leakages from LG polymer plant  in Vizag, Amphan cyclone in West Bengal and last but not the least Twitter is rife with earthquakes in Delhi and luckily of lesser magnitudes without any damages. What’s not in a span of just three to four months we are subjected to all kinds of calamities. This makes us to be furthermore cautious of disaster management response in our homes. Magzblog tries to collate important information on sustenance from earthquakes especially at our homes.

What is an earthquake? Earth quakes are sudden tremors which  can occur if there is a slip or a fault lines in tectonic plates of earth.   The tectonic plates are always slowly moving, but when they get stuck at their edges due to friction and when the stress on the edge overcomes friction  there is an earthquake that releases energy in waves that travel throu…

27 Questions during lock down 4.0

Ha...! its the lock down 4.0 and slowly people are doubtfully crawling on to the streets with  lots of questions going on their minds. Every one is wearing a mask and there is a constant fear will I be infected by the deadly virus, how Am I to remain safe, and what all care should I take. You might imagine how insane is your life and life is not fair now with lot of restrictions. Okay is it unfair to me or is it to everyone and how do i remain safe.  To help them and to alleviate their apprehensions to achieve clarity a list of question and answers have been collated.

If you are going out of your home coming back what to do with your shoes and clothes are they source of infection? yes the virus lasts on the clothes shoes, leave your shoes outside change your clothes and wash them.

Can I use door handles in public places if so how to prevent getting infected? it is best to wear gloves and carry a disinfectant, or use a piece of clothing to open door in public places.

What about shoppi…

Sure way to get Fit

Table Of Contents
How many times have you kept on looking at a models exquisite silhouette of his or her body when watching onscreen of flipping a magazine. Pretty enticing and mesmerizing isn't not. The snugly fit arms, the perfect shapes and sharp looks. The NBA guys springing  towards their basket, timely sling shot of Virat Kohli and helicopter shots of Dhoni; All is possible  due to their fitness. Yes these are real classical examples of fitness, So what fetches  fitness. Of course, it is the sheer hard work no doubt, but what did they do?  Have you ever thought about it? It involves a proper regimen of complete range of exercises. Magzblog will broach through the fitness topic and seed the idea of fitness in the minds of their avid readers through this article.
Fitness It has to be gained by physical activity of exercise, the fitness is actually built on certain principal entities. They are cardio respiratory endurance, flexibility, muscle strength and thereby endurance. All…

What is a health kiosk ?- Will it be a necessity from the Pandemic

I remember the younger good old days visiting with my parents to railway stations. The first thing that would fascinate me from a distance would be a colorful tall machine. My stride increases with every step towards it. Many a times I would persuade my dad to give me the shining rupee coin which I carefully carry it in my tight fists till I reach the tall machine. I would climb on the platform of the machine wait till the rotating discs stops and gleefully insert  my one rupee coin into its slot standing eagerly before it . I can hear the tingling sound of my coin falling into the metal kitty and a stamping machine vociferously printing a message for me. I would eagerly wait for a ticket to descend in my hands. Yes, it does and I can feel my broad smile on my face while trying to comprehend the stamped print. My weight is shown along with a humble lucky prediction for me. Its the delightful body weight weighing machine. As i grew up such instances in public places have replaced with…