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Infertility Stallions

infertility stallion Index => infertility stallion Quiz Show all questions <=   => on what capabilities are stallions selected? Check Hint Show answer what is the seasonal pregnancy rate in well managed herd Check Hint Show answer poor performance in stallion is most often referred to as ....? when the pregnancy rate is less than 30% in first ccle breeding and a seasonal pregnancy rate of 10-70% ?   infertility ?   sub fertility ?   inferior fertility ?   infra fertility A stallion is considered _________ if he has a pregnancy rate of less than 10% for the season (0-5% in first breeding cycle) ?   sub fertile ?   ultrafertile ?   inferior fertility ?   infertile the ultimate manifestation of infertility is failure to produce _________? ?   offspring ?   calf ?   embryo ?   sperm A subnormal number of offspring also constitute __________. ?   rig ?   Infertility ?   urospermia ?
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Some questions

  1.         When cardiovascular system fails to perfuse tissues adequately the condition developed is called…………………….. 2.       The underlying problem/inciting event of all causes of shock is………… 3.       Poor tissue perfusion initiates a complex series of events that eventually result in 4.       Shock can be defined as 5.       The events which can lead to compromised blood flow to tissues include 6.       Impaired tissue perfusion occurs when……… 7.       All types of shock eventually result in impaired tissue perfusion and the …………. 8.       When Cells switch from aerobic to anearobic metabolism, …….. production increases 9.       Stages of Shock include 10.    Hypovolumea signals……..and……. cranial nerves as a result of loss of baroreceptor stretch 11.    Initial Stage of shock include 12.    Compensatory Stage (Reversible) include 13.    Progressive Stage include 14.    Refractory or Irreversible Stage include 15.    Clinical Presentation - Generalized Shock 16.    The initial app

Skill set for the Covid era

It’s been sometime since magzblog has come up with a sensational article. Instilling a pep to the readers in pandemic times where losing jobs, falling market Indices, soaring gold prices are the norm of the day all indicative of a perplexed world. To help rebuild focus on entrepreneurial skills and perform tasks well magzblog wants to high light on specific skills that might serve as a platter to relish and hone their skills bracing for the post covid era in days to come. Critical thinking It is one skill which makes you class apart and a invaluable resource. It adds diversity yet propels towards effective solutions. The skills that we need in order to be able to think critically are actually varied, has to be developed over time and include observation, analysis, interpretation, reflection, evaluation, inference, explanation, problem solving, and decision making. The process involves with asking basic questions to ourselves which can be sometimes too convoluted when trying to sol

Innovation and you

Innovation and you Table Of Contents Well I am definitely not a brand ambassador for Phillips. But true protagonists of ‘innovation’ for the optimist’s vibe I imbibe. We tread the different stages of our Life with experience gained with passage of time. And if we thoughtfully dwell into the past how many times might have we innovated ourselves for I believe that   its one characteristic attribute which is the process of creating something new that’s makes life better and brings a influx of endorphins in you. A set of guiding principles if adopted in life may ignite the spark in you.  Be Adaptable                                                                                        Be adaptable and be open to change. In the present scenario of pandemic and economic recession every day is a challenge and it’s all in the thought process of how we innovate and adapt to its challenges. Innovation is linked to adaptability, it is further linked to resilience and t