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secrets to happy life

Had  a evening puzzle play with my yesteryear pals. It was refreshing to remember the happy past memories and I was all smiles. This smiles made me to go this mile in tandem with Magzblogs Objective of happy living. So jotted down some secrets of Happy living this evening. Everything can’t be perfect Do what you love Be passionate Be humble Help the needy Add music to your life Focus on your positives Respect yourselves Respect companions Don’t compare Don’t panic Spend time with nature Remember your sweet times in life Worship your work Give time to your family more importantly Keep smiling feel free to add on to this list through your comments happy living magzblog A milieu

How the markets are in green today?

markets in green today How the markets are in green today? A very good evening to all my readers. I am here with conveying my heartfelt wishes for each and every one to stay safe and healthy. As we all are staying safe in our houses without going out, we can hardly see any economic activity happening around the world. But to my surprise I just logged on to my countries two best stock indices namely BSE and Nifty this afternoon and to my surprise, the indices are in green and rising. What an enigma..? When the entire world is curtailed and locked in their homes to stop the ugly COVID-19 virus spread, all the business activities are in its sweet slumber. Then   How come the markets are in green? I immediately researched for quite for about an hour and came up with this explanation. Just merely an opinion from me to the readers. What determines the increase in indices of any market is its liquidity. America is the country which determines the world market-it is sti

what is cyber insurance?

cyber insurance What is Cyber insurance? As we fight the global pandemic unleashed by the Covid-19 virus the entire work activity is carried out from home through the Internet. This involves volumes of data both financial and non financial being routed through the internet. It has endangered the users from the risks associated with cyber threat. Gone are the days where physical store well lockers were the most sacred place in our household. Physical assets, goods from shops and motor cars were insured. Globalization which is here to stay permanently demands for business transaction to happen on desktops, mobile phones and tablets. This has made even the thieves to adopt technology for theft which is aptly called cyber thefts and cyber attacks. Insurance against unauthorized online transaction, identity theft, e-extortion, cyber bulling, malware attacks, phishing against sensitive information such as username, passwords, credit card details and e-mail spoofing are covered nor

How to become rich

How to become rich? Imagine you just wake up in the dawn from your good night’s sleep and realize you are in a cosy mansion with a dozen of help waiting for your orders disposal and the costliest limousine waiting in the Porch with a chauffeur around. Wow what a dream. Do you want it to come true. Become rich. Everybody’s dream is to be rich. But how? Is the most enigmatic question. Right from childhood you have been told to compete in scoring high marks to get a good admission in a professional college, after college join the best of profession to make money and is this the way out?.. oops head reeling isn’t it. I am here to tell u what is the concept that underlies in all these herculean efforts of people. The secret to getting rich is a one lettered word.... any guess? Yes it is “compounding”. What ever profession you choose whether be a doctor, engineer, software analyst, banker, real estate or a free lancer the only way to get rich is Compounding. It is the

Problem solving...???

Problem solving “Inside of every problem lies an opportunity” I was glossing over the morning news bulletin when my phone rang. As the sunshine permeated through my window I briskly latched on to my phone. Yeah, it was my yesteryear classmate Parthi, his name resonating in my phone. It’s always a delight to connect to your old pals. After a 15 minute passionate conversation we hung up. I realized that apart from the cool humdinger conversation, I remembered the word problem that was used more than a couple of times during the talk.  Yes, problems coexist in everyone’s life in many forms and volumes. It does come and go in many instances, sometimes subsides on its own, sometimes require our intervention and sometimes an extrinsic help. As we live the life, experience is gained which teaches and offers a range of solutions to fit into problem templates for resolution. Most of the time as the problem is solved we get relieved and move on with our life. Today I’m here to jus

The Gold Standard Contd..

It was a delight to see heartening responses from my readers, thank you. To dwell and further delve in gold.  You can purchase gold in 3 forms 1 Physical gold 2 Gold bond 3 Paper gold Attractive glitter- the physical gold. Every arterial road in the country are propped with giant hoardings of fabulous gold designs. Yes the physical gold, to the pride possession of our women and to the scintillating aesthetics preferred by our beholder Men. It the physical gold mostly sold as jewelry, followed by coins and gold bars. I am confident every one of you would have shopped to your passionate desire. Sovereign  Gold Bonds The gold bond is actually called sovereign gold bond issued by the government for purchase. Currently Indian government has issued Sovereign gold bonds in six portions. The first portion is declared early this year in between 20th to 24 April  2020 amidst Covid-19 outbreak and I bet government is in a hurry to raise funds hence this bond issue. It is

the gold standard

Money is buzzword to economy throughout the world. It differentiates the have’s from the have not’s most of the time. Every wars, natural calamities, global pandemics, periods of economic recession re-bounce   to normalcy is dictated by Money. But this money resides in few renowned traditional trusted forms in the world.   First to come to mind is, wad of cash. Thanks for the celluloid screen showing wads and bulk of cash being transacted by the silver screen heroes. Followed by the vast oil reserves from the Middle East, oil giants from America and the OPEC nations in the prime of economy during yesteryear's boom. Gone are the days when oil reserves were equated with huge   cash reserves. So what is that one standard which is relevant to the world even now. Yes And that's the yellow metal the gold. I will call it the trust of the people. For rightly People always think investing in gold is great. So today we will gloss through the story of what makes gold to rule the

Mankind Reset Restore during Covid-19

Reset                   We the most sensible living organism on this planet perform multiple roles such as a parent, teachers, students, Customer, an employee, a citizen etc., and most importantly a human. Living life is the basis of fulfilling these myriad roles. The way of living life has come under the scanner with the advent of corona and we as humans are adapting ways and means to effectively counteract measures to the nefarious designs of this vicious Covid-19 virus. In doing so the behaviour and habitual pattern of individuals will undergo a sea change for the good of mankind which I am confident is prone to happen. I call it reset and restore. Change in culture . With the advent of Covid -19 morbid manifestations of social distancing measures will stay for long in days to come. People will think twice to get proximal in social milieu. Western Cultures like hugging and dropping a peck will get bundled out. Mask may become a permanent accoutre and find an important

best thought provoking quotes

Today its been a grilling day in waxing and waning in the sun, standing in safe distant social distance ques save but for the lush Greens which was life saving. So am I thought provoked and want my readers to get provoked by these collection of quotes.. 😄😄😄 Magzblog milieu

Best car care tips amid COVID 19

car care tips Car is an inevitable part of our lives. I do agree that the ongoing pandemic has refrained us from moving out of our house. So are our cars in midsummer hibernation. Since Karl benz patented his motorwagon in 1886 it has been 134 years till date and this wonder automobile has metamorphosed and transformed into BSIV, BSVI, electric and robotic tesla cars. Kudos to the fancy advertisers and F1 masters who proudly rev on their acceleration from 0 to 100 kmph in 6 secs and even less. Well this description of cars differs and ranges from gen z to baby bloomers. For a common man a car is everything to him especially in the metros where just before the covid -19 vicious manifestation a major chunk of a day was spent in the sedan listening to the radio tunes of the city. I am very positive that sooner or later the covid-19 will be deposed to its nadir and the life will move on and our cars will be back zooming with increased vigor to catapult their masters to their office