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27 Questions during lock down 4.0

Ha...! its the lock down 4.0 and slowly people are doubtfully crawling on to the streets with  lots of questions going on their minds. Every one is wearing a mask and there is a constant fear will I be infected by the deadly virus, how Am I to remain safe, and what all care should I take. You might imagine how insane is your life and life is not fair now with lot of restrictions. Okay is it unfair to me or is it to everyone and how do i remain safe.  To help them and to alleviate their apprehensions to achieve clarity a list of question and answers have been collated.

If you are going out of your home coming back what to do with your shoes and clothes are they source of infection?

yes the virus lasts on the clothes shoes, leave your shoes outside change your clothes and wash them.

Can I use door handles in public places if so how to prevent getting infected?

it is best to wear gloves and carry a disinfectant, or use a piece of clothing to open door in public places.

What about shopping bags Do I wash them? Do I wash all the packets fruits and vegetables?

Use soap and water to wash the things that you want in the kitchen.
Take the necessary stuff out of the shopping packets and dispose off the packets away hygienically.

If I have been near an infected person what do I do?

Be cautious by Isolate yourself from your near and dear ones.

How long should you isolate yourself?

WHO advice is for 14 days.

Do I need to sanitize my phone?

Yes scrub or sanitize your phone at least once or twice a day

How do we protect your eyes?

Wear a protective  glass

Is it ok to be in an air conditioned public place?

Not clear, but transmission is through aerosol.

Will I get immunity once infected?

Experiments in monkey has shown some immunity in research but reports not sure how long the immunity can be conferred

If a patient has recovered can he still infect others?

Once if he has tested negative twice  he cant infect.

What about contact sports about swimming, jogging or sports where distance is maintained?

Anything outside with enough social distance can be fine but use gloves if you are handling the same equipment. Swimming involves showers changing areas through which virus can spread so should be avoided

Is a hair dresser or a barber shop safe? Is it risky?

Wear a mask while going to the barber shop, ensure the barber in the salon is also wearing a mask, Have a nice bath after the hair cut. Yes there is some risk based on the level of transmission where you live.

Can we go to the dentist?

you can go only if needed, but take care, stay far from other people in the hospital. ensure that precautions are taken.

Can we go to friends house?

Dont go if you have symptoms, or if they have any symptoms, or anyone of them have symptoms

Should i wear a mask if I visit some one?

Yes a mask is a good protective measure

What to do if you are little feverish have a cough or not feeling very unwell?

Isolate yourself, monitor your symptoms. Normally people get  symptoms four days after they get infected. Contact your doctor if the condition is getting worse

What to do your if your neighbor gets infected?

Depends on what you shared with your neighbour either the same entrance, mail box, door knobs, door bell etc. Sometimes in same building you get exposed. If someone long away it is unlikely to get infected.

Can rupee notes carry the virus?

Yes they can. Wash your hands after handling them  or wear gloves while handling currency coins

What is the life of viruses on different surfaces?

It could be a few days on something like the surfaces of a mobile phone to a few minutes on surfaces outside like a bench especially under the sun.

How long does the virus last on clothes?

About a day

Can you  travel by a plane, train, bus or a taxi Now?

Travel only if absolutely necessary maintain safety precautions. Fine to travel if all precautions are taken

Can you allow carpenters, plumbers, electricians into your Home?

Do it if it is urgent ensure they have mask on. They should leave their shoes outside and wash their hands and disinfect the surfaces they touch.

How do you disinfect an area where someone has been

Wash it with soap and water which works best for surfaces

Can I send my clothes to be washed and ironed by someone outside?

yes but leave them to air for a day or two throw away the wrapping or packet they come back in to you.

How to help a Corona Patient?

Be kind to them only follow social distance not emotional distance keep in touch with them.They will be in quarantine so need to make sure they are not lonely. Help with groceries or medicines. if they have children help with taking care of their children if needed.

Can children be carriers of virus?

Yes they can be they carry the same virus load than adults. not enough clarity on how they transmit to adults.

How can you get tested safely?

best to get an online or phone appointment from the govt authorised labs. Appointment should be  spaced out.

Everyone are well versed with the adage "Prevention is better than cure". So stay safe



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