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Balanced inclusive development - A perspective

    The Prelude

    I wake up to  the sound of notification pop ups on my mobile today,  to see a news about discovery of super earth. I can witness the exuberance persistence and hard work of scientists from the crystal clear photograph about super earth. A flip to the next screen was the tabular insight of case incidence from corona world over crossing the four million mark. Though both the news feed are maximal in character, they are diametrically opposite in significance. On one hand humans are exploring every spatial department for exporting life to new galaxies,on the other we are waging a war on home turf with the pandemic from Covid-19 for survival. 

    Super Earth- A rare discovery

    Next flip showed concerns from noted industrialists and economists voicing their concern on prevailing recession in growth for right tracking the cog wheels of economy on track amidst the pandemic.  Next few flips yielded snapshots of migrant workers bearing the brunt of Covid -19 lockdown as they are left in the lurch to their nomadic existence, fighting for a square meal and eager to revert back to their native villages walking for miles under the scorching sun.  Few flips more revealed our celebrities, registering their existence through colorful pics and Instagram posts to their beloved mothers  on mothers Day. Flip on Technology showed Data analytics and cloud computing companies diligently collating the every day feeds around the world to form algorithms for automation followed by as usual ever increasing numbers of tweets on twitter and the social media platforms buzzing with activity on multifaceted self interests.As I peep out of my window sparse numbers of vehicles on roads, and across my window was my neighbor taking time in tendering a good morning wish probably his effervescent smile is being bridled and hampered by him wearing a mask.  All happening news, isn't it,  no room for mediocrity I, assume.

    Incidentally its mid of May vacation time for children but all are restricted to the four walls of the house spending time on their video game consoles, smart TVs or netflix and amazon prime due to lockdown. Gone are days when we used to spend our summer holidays travelling to our grandmas place to savour the taste of her sun dried fryums,  seasoned pickles, to play cricket with freindly neighbour kids with a customised coconut  leaf stalk in lieu for a bat. Eagerly waiting for the arrival of palm fruit and mangoes by the street hawker as refreshment break in the game under the hot sun.

    I remember my elderly pupil doing calculation on their minds and never required a calculator. Their fingers were so nimble and alacrity that  a wad of cash was counted in less than a minute, now gadgets is in our hands, cash counters are in place and every application just requires a soft touch on the super smooth screen of mobile phones for solutions. But are we safe, are we happy as a superior human race.

    Where are we heading?

    I am really surprised on this wide ranged inconsistencies prevalent now. We want Artificial intelligence when our our own enterprising intelligence quotient not made to good use is slowly fading. Wearing a smart watch around the wrists, with wifi frequencies clustered around us which might actually harm our health, wearing masks to prevent entry by the contagion etc. I can even bet many of the folks will have the best of gadgets with great technological capabilities but how much do they actually know to use it in their day to day functions. Thanks to the technological geeks, information communication technologists, data analysts and scientists they have come up with solutions to customers more than they actually require, Of course,  they are over board in technology but only leading to myopic developments.  For such a development needs  larger areas to be further covered before  actually we can  beat our chests proudly and rejoice in its progress.


    Also we want to venture into space and advocate space tourism leaving our indelible carbon imprints in the pristine space.

     Believe me, I am definitely not against such passion but my point is we need to focus and sort out our priorities of future footsteps very sooner than later, rather than tow a unfocused unbridled approach.  I want to introduce the word 'Balance' here.

    Yes a balanced inclusive development is the need of the hour.

    Balanced inclusive development

    Our technological advancement is so prime that focusing on the grey areas to improve them to at least positive survivable levels is not very difficult. Here are a few areas of immediate concern bickering the human community which the world needs to address.
    • Universal health care
    • Eradicating poverty and
    • The global warming
    and these are so important because the basic idea of human existence and survival is dictated by these entities. There is no point in thousands of people losing lives to a pandemic in this planet.

    Magzblog thows light on these specific avenues with application of technology to solve these grey areas of concern for upgrade in to a welfare state.

    Latest technologies of computing such as Big Data, Machine Learning and Information and Communication Technology has the potential to bring forth solution for these large scale inconsistencies wreaking havoc to humanity from the grey areas. Big data, it is very useful in the healthcare industry and  in epidemiology surveillance of diseases.

     Universal health care

     Over the past decade electronic health record has been widely adopted in hospitals and clinics worldwide important clinical knowledge and deeper understanding of the patient disease pattern can be studied from the data. It will help to improve patient care and improves efficiency. Sensors are used besides patient beds to continuously monitor blood pressure, heart beat and respiratory rate. Any change in pattern is quickly alerted to doctors and healthcare administrators.  

    Now the need is to expand such technological advancement to every individual for which information communication technology  (ICT) has the potential to do it with the participation of the affected lot. As per WHO priority is to reach poor and under served with health services by using ICT to streamline processes and make information transparent and easily accessible. Digitizing vital information such as the administration of patient records and stock supplies not only saves precious time for health workers; it also provides valuable management information for hospital managers, enabling them to run the hospital more efficiently and effectively. Government officials responsible for healthcare may also benefit from having timely and accurate data at their fingertips as this will help them to better plan and prepare their health policies.

      By facilitating medical professional development and continous medical education health staff from the remotest areas can be in stream with latest medical developments. Analytics through Big data will enable them in automating the diagnostics saving time and avoid trial and error methods in diagnosis. Tools like internet audio conferencing will help to keep health staff in touch with expert communities and forums and  thus facilitate access to knowledge and information. Provision of  telemedicine through ICT can be applied with global connect to improve the delivery of and access to healthcare services, especially in areas where distance is a critical factor will be a huge bonus. Healthcare professionals can benefit from ICT by using it to exchange information with medical specialists all round the world especially during pandemics for holistic diagnoses, treatments and prevention. The Internet also allows healthcare professionals to continue their education by following online courses and accessing the latest information on medical research. 

    Eradicating poverty

    Even in the worlds most developed countries there are stark inequalities to be seen through poverty. So Eradicating poverty requires to uplift the oppressed to decent living standards and to a discernible acumen levels.

    Social indicators have to be framed house hold. One house might lack in education standards and skill but might have large accessibility to assets, other house hold must be having poor infrastructure  without a toilet and also education, so education is required in the former and both education and money is required for the later. Such micro level data is to be retrieved through information communication technology and more importantly the portal for provision of such data must be filled up by the household  family itself. This can be on a day to day real time data feed  which across a time period will evolve the problem statement of the number of house holds and of the community for a larger picture for which the necessary over the counter remedies can be prescribed.

     Informal economy of a nation is one big area which the big data and machine learning can be very useful. Having access to relevant content and knowing where and how to find and connect the  needy will transform their position.
    Most of the times the problems or the underlying causes can often be traced down to a combination of key factors: a poor education system, under performing household economy and a poor business structure in the place of their household society. Particularly with regard to under performing outdated industries, unemployment, lack of resources in a particular communities etc.. Information and Communication Technology can make all the difference. Applying ICT to communicate the on ground difficulties in real time can translate to shaping policies to effictively create opportunities  in uplifting economy. Increasing use of ICT will also opens up new opportunities for governments to subsidize necessary revenue more wisely  and  thereby facilitating networks, enhance growth and bringing people together.

    My take is technology  should ease our life, which is actually not happening on ground and the divide between haves and have nots is expanding to uncontrollable levels. A yardstick is definitely necessary in real time in gauging the socioeconomic indicators which is possible with application of technology only and identify analyse areas of lacunae. Even today a sizable portion of mankind is succumbing for lack of  informed basic survival necessities because of lack of information and communication. This areas if focused will add on to a improved summation effect easing pressure on the planet earth. 

    Global warming

    This  has a varied alarming consequence on existence of life on earth through its impact on natural resources to mankind.  Climate, potable water scarcity, rising sea level, pollution and what not. There is a immediate necessity to address such issues before global warming can take a toll. This can be managed through predictive analysis. Forecast weather, disaster management, smart water and energy management systems all come under the ambit of predictive analysis tool for its effective management. A thorough understanding of the cause effect relationship computing infrastructure have led to the fast development of powerful deep learning algorithms that can extract hierarchical features from data with better predictive performance and less human intervention. Inclusively big data and machine learning have great potential for real on ground data driven decision making, scientific discovery and process optimization. This technology will be a game changer in early flood warning system, water scarcity management system, natural calamity, disease outbreak, virus characterization and many other life saving and global welfare applications.

    A strong and unanimous vision is the need of the hour to channelize the resources and implement with  a balanced inclusive development plan with right technologies.

    Magzblog's perspective

    happy living stay safe stay healthy


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