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Smart home Technology

Smart home technology

Over a few years the word 'Smart' is in vogue. Starting from smart individuals, smart behavior, smart things sweeping in the form of smart phones, smart watches, smart cards, to smart cities all percolating into smart homes. So what is the smart component of a smart home? Of course it is the technology called home automation. The cohesive purpose of this adjective 'smart' is directed towards our smart living. Is it not?

In simple terms, smart makes our life easy but on a much broader perspective its functionality is efficacious, numerous and praiseworthy; it uplifts, enables, provides, saves time and conserves resources. 

But what makes it smart actually? The answer is internet of things, home automation and this makes our home grow smart, smarter and smartest into the auto mode.

Greatest advantage of smart home features

  1. Managing all of your home appliances from one place.
  2. Offers flexibility of new devices with its range of features
  3. Maximizes home security through effective surveillance
  4. remote control of home functions
  5. Improves energy efficiency
  6. Excludes unwanted appliance and avoids duplicacy of same function appliances
  7. improves home management.
 We will cover the article in the listed order of precedence
    • Some examples of modern technology in homes
    • Best smart home devices
    • Bottle necks to the adoption of smart homes
    • what new technology might your future home have in it?    

Some examples of modern technology in homes

It can be attributed to application of technology in domestic house hold activities like cleaning, lighting, food preparation, water conservation, energy conservation, food storage, home maintenance, data storage entertainment, plumbing and power generation.
·         Cleaning It involves use of technology to clean and dry our clothes, clean our spaces, dishwasher, smart bathrooms, smart vacuum cleaners and automatic washing machines.

·         Electric lighting it involves efficient lightning through technological innovation in light emitting diodes arduously reducing the electric consumption through smart bulbs

·         Food preparation has been revolutionized by products like coffee maker, dosa maker, roti maker, bread maker, modern OTG, blender, automatic oven, automatic fruit juicers leading to variety of foods within home and time saving

·         Food storage automatic refrigerators and automatic canning machines, water cans fill its spaces.

·         Home maintenance by grounds keeping equipment's, garden maintenance tools, paint sprayers have made life easy and improve aesthetics and outlook of home,

·         Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning through advent of centralized air conditioners to the scorching heat in the plains and central heating units to extreme cold climate in high altitudes. Cooling fans for humidity check.

·         Information and communication technology for our homes such as Personal computers, telephones, mobiles, video game console, data storage devices etc.

·         Knitting machines powerful easy to use, for our creative housewives to prove their skill in boutique designs.

·         Efficient plumbing and its appliances such as the smart faucets. Smart faucets are novel equipment that found a way in smart homes. It is a real find to save many litres of water. Carbon foot print can be reduced to great levels by the diligence of smart faucets regulating water. It is a current smart intelligent system

·         Solar Cells enabling efficient power generation.

Best smart home devices

Many smart home devices and appliances have established their niche and found a place in our homes. best smart home devices are listed below.

Smart televisions Also called connected TVs because of its access to internet. It can connect to streaming services and can run entertainment apps such as Amazon Prime, Netfix, Hotstar Disney etc., using its built in wifi or Ethernet capabilities. 


Smart streaming devices
These are powerful cost effective thumb sized gadgets which can stream and deliver content from their respective service providers such as Amazon, Netfix etc. Movies, live shows and serials are its products.

Smart bulbs      

These bulbs can be connected to your phone wirelessly. It has a varied smart usage. You can dim light. change color and easily control remotely sometimes even when you are away from home. That means, in case you’ve left your lights ON at home you can always switch them off while you’re on the move. You can switch the smart bulbs ON at night to keep thieves away. It provides a all new experience for the user. Eg., Phillips Hue line. It works with just about every multimedia system out there from alexa to siri. Out door lighting also finds a place in their product range.

Smart plugs
Smart plugs are the simplest of smart devices. Controlled by an app, a smart plug lets you turn on and off any appliance that plugs into a standard wall socket. As part of a solution like, you can actively control it, or automate it so that it reacts to schedules and triggers from your security system. Depending on which device you've plugged in, you can schedule those gadgets to turn on and off. Some smart plugs come with additional options like controlling the power output to the connected device, and can be controlled over the internet. 

Smart air purifiers

In places like Delhi air pollution is a burning issue. The dependence on fossil fuels and ever increasing congestion is the leading cause of this problem increasing particulate matter in the air. Exposure to particulate matter can incite allergies, compromise cardiovascular functions etc. Smart air purifiers are developed to keep your pollution in home low.

Smart connected devices.
A smart device is an electronic device, generally connected to other devices or networks via different wireless protocols such as Bluetooth, Zigbee, NFC, Wi-Fi, LiFi, 3G, etc., that can operate to some extent interactively and autonomously. It can be controlled from your phone with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana voice commands. It supports third party applets for interaction and energy usage can be monitored.


Smart outdoor camera
smart camera  is a machine vision system which, in addition to image capture circuitry, is capable of extracting application-specific information from the captured images, along with generating event descriptions or making decisions that are used in an intelligent and automated system. It can stream and record in true 4K or UHD. It is loaded with cool technology such as automatic zooming, motion tracking, color night vision, integrated spotlight and siren, 180 degree field of vision and more. It is completely wireless. It works through app.


Smart door bell
It is an internet-connected doorbell that notifies the smart phone or other electronic device of the home owner when a visitor arrives at the door. It activates when the visitor presses the button of the doorbell, or alternatively, when the doorbell senses a visitor with its built-in motion sensors.


These smart door bells are marketed online by many foreign companies. It's fairly easy to install, it sports a slender design with interchangeable face plates, and delivers sharp 108o pixel video day and night. It also uses pre-buffering technology to show you what transpired prior to a motion trigger, and lets you view live video on an Amazon Echo Show device using Alexa voice commands, making it one of the most versatile video doorbells you can buy.

Smart locks
smart lock is an electro-mechanical lock which is designed to perform locking and unlocking operations on a door when it receives such instructions from an authorized device using a wireless protocol and a cryptographic key to execute the authorization process. Smart locks can be considered part of a smart home.


They are available for smart home as a lock as well as with Door Sensor technology, Z-Wave compatibility, and Wi-Fi connectivity. It's easy to install and can be controlled remotely or with Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri voice commands.

Smart thermostat
Smart thermostats are thermostats that can be used with home automation and are responsible for controlling a home's heating or air conditioning. They allow users to adjust heating settings from other internet-connected devices, such as a laptop or smart phones.
for Eg., Ecobee Smart Thermostat With Voice Control. It has multimedia support through Alexa with powerful audio components, works through wifi and app support.

Smart precision cookers.
It is a standalone immersion circulator that heats water and circulates it around the pot to maintain precise temperatures evenly. Immersion circulators are an affordable and easy-to-use sou vide machine option. Sous vide (pronounced sue-veed) is a cooking technique that utilizes precise temperature control to deliver consistent, restaurant-quality results. High-end restaurants have been using sous vide cooking for years to cook food to the exact level of doneness desired, every time  and now you can too.

It takes all the effort out of cooking and produces ludicrously tasty results.
The technique recently became popular for home cooks with the availability of affordable and easy-to-use sous vide precision cooking equipment.


It uses Wi-Fi connectivity to control it from anywhere, even when you're not home. A big dial lets you set the desired temperature to within a tenth of a degree, display shows the set and current water temperature, and an app keeps you notified of the cooking process every step of the way. It makes cooking simple. eg Anova Culinary Precision Cooker.

Smart baking scale
Named the perfect bake ProR takes out the guesswork and risk when baking. It's a baking scale connected to an app to help newbies and wanted to be cooking enthusiast to get everything just right when it comes to kitchen chemistry. Just follow the app as the scale measures everything you add. As long as you can tell salt from sugar, you're probably going to be just fine.


Robot lawn movers
Outdoor appliances such as robot lawn mowers for keeping well mowed gardens even for any yards of all shapes and sizes are available. Swedish maker Husqvarna is manufacturing it. It works with a well-designed mobile app that lets you use your phone to start and stop the mower, monitor its progress, create schedules, and see where it's been on a map of your property. Its user-friendly programming options, outstanding cutting performance, and quiet operation is definitely a delight to use

Bottle necks to the adoption of smart homes

Though there are many technologies created by companies the bottle neck today is the central Hub system.There are many good smart home devices out there today, but the problem is that very few of the system are talking with each other. They have still not agreed upon a common system that all smart devices use to communicate with each other.

Moreover, tech savvy has not become a habit in many parts of the world leave alone the west. For eg., in India remote places are still to come under the ambit of internet and internet of things. In about less than a decade discernible changes are likely to happen to welcome home automation.

Now as a reader you must have thought definitely that are these smart home devices prone for hacking?

Certain studies reported that, even seemingly benign smart home devices, like smart plugs or light bulbs, can provide entry points for hackers.

while the answer is companies spend lot of time in constant update and testing after which the version gets approved. renowned company products who shelve their time in quality testing will be a preferred product.

What new technology might your future home have in it?

  • Automated Robots Mobile webcams as you can remember movie Home alone, the smart kid using a webcam to confiscate his intruders and toy friends. Services to door delivery through drones and robots, you never know a smart haircut through a Robot is possible.
  •  Next level Smart Appliances bringing in AI technology into smart phones, tablets, smart speakers and smart kitchen appliances. You just need to feed a cooking menu algorithm and the cooked food is ready.
  • Energy Efficient Tech. Decarbonising the power sector is a fundamental step to reduce emissions, especially in an increasingly electrified world. Invention of solar panels can lead to solar kettles, solar battery charges, solar powered extensive light system, solar powered computers etc.
  • Extensive use of Smart Toilets. It will be a great step in maintaining hygiene and sanitation of home toilets. It will be a contactless module between the user and the commode. Lighting system can also be integrated to the smart toilets.
  • Broadband Internet from satellite transmission Centralized Entertainment and Streaming Devices through broadband internet from satellite transmission
  • A closed private network communication can represent a private network that can only be used by authorized devices. Outsider use is prohibited and enforced through cryptographic means. In short, a closed network is one that sets aside a great deal of the network capacity for a limited set of providers
  • Increased Voice Control integration.voice command device (VCD) is a device controlled with a voice user interface. Voice user interfaces have been added to automobiles, home automation systems, computer operating systems, home appliances like washing machines and microwave ovens, and television remote controls. In sum we can speak, talk to machines and get them work done
  • New technologies yet to come extensively in smart homes.
They are in the pipeline and are in use in many parts of the world. To name a few are
    • block chain technology
    • artificial neural network
    • dynamic time warping algorithm
It been an extensive article and the details of which can be conversed in future blogs.
This was a tasking exercise in collating the smart home technologies. Readers are hereby requested to subscribe, follow and forward the comments.

Stay safe, stay healthy


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