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Sure way to get Fit

    How many times have you kept on looking at a models exquisite silhouette of his or her body when watching onscreen of flipping a magazine. Pretty enticing and mesmerizing isn't not. The snugly fit arms, the perfect shapes and sharp looks. The NBA guys springing  towards their basket, timely sling shot of Virat Kohli and helicopter shots of Dhoni; All is possible  due to their fitness. Yes these are real classical examples of fitness, So what fetches  fitness. Of course, it is the sheer hard work no doubt, but what did they do?  Have you ever thought about it? It involves a proper regimen of complete range of exercises. Magzblog will broach through the fitness topic and seed the idea of fitness in the minds of their avid readers through this article.


    It has to be gained by physical activity of exercise, the fitness is actually built on certain principal entities. They are cardio respiratory endurance, flexibility, muscle strength and thereby endurance. All these entities in synergy builds a healthy body. Now eventually you will think do I need to hit a gym. You may or may not. Thanks to the mushrooming fitness channels, body fitness apps, a home regimen is possible. Firstly we will bulletin the advantages of you becoming fit

    Advantages of fitness 

    • improves sleep
    • improves nutritional intake
    • balances the body composition
    • optimizes the bone density
    • resistance to flu and other infections
    • improves cardiac health
    • flushes harmful toxins
    • low incidence of anxiety and depression
    • makes you live long
    • improves your quality of life.
    • it has an important implication in keeping your economy of house hold in green

    So how do you want to plan your session?

    planning a training session. it consists of three parts

    • a warm up
    • The main part 
    • The cooling part

    A warm up will prepare your  body for work out. It can be even 10 minutes long. They are important for you to mobilize your joints, to increase heart rate for improved blood supply, to increase deep muscle and whole body temperature and ready your mental makeup.

    The main part gives the most important bulk training exercise. It can range from 20 minutes to one hour based on your experience and fitness. Beginners are recommended for a short bout till they get stronger. this is based on your body state and requirement. A professional help might really help you n the initial stages.

    The cooling part is the last part of your session enables to help the body to return to your normal state. the extra supply of  from the deep muscle tissue has to return to normal circulation. Intensity of workout has to be reduced gradually, light jogging to walking for a few minutes will be ideal. Stretching is recommended for 20 seconds in a set of two to three times it helps in flexibility.

    Developing fitness through principal entities of body conditioning that are achieved through training regimen which includes frequency, intensity and time duration of workouts.

    cardio respiratory endurance

    • frequency 3-5 days per week
    • intensity 55 to 90% heart rate
    • time duration 20 to 30 minutes

    exercise to do:  stair climbing, running, power walking, skipping, dancing and jump rope 


    • Advantages of cardio respiratory work out

                    burns your calorie and body fat
                    makes your heart strong
                    increases lung capacity
                    reduces the risk of heart attacks
                    reduce stress


    strengthening exercise

    • frequency 2 to 3 days per week
    • intensity enough to enhance muscle strength, muscle endurance and improved body function
    • time duration 8 to 12 repetitions of 8 to 10 different exercises. 

    Strength training or weight training or resistance is an important part of any fitness routine.
    •  It helps make you stronger and also builds muscle endurance. with strength training you move your body against some type of resistance such as your body weights, dumbbells etc,. 
    • Strength training is a versatile workout that you can do almost anywhere.
    •  Importantly in the comfort and privacy of your home.
    • Benefits of strength training are builds lean muscle mass, reduce body fat, burn calories more efficiently, even after you exercised, boost metabolism and make weight loss easier improves body posture, balance and stability, raise energy levels, and sense of well being.

    • frequency 2 to 3 days per week
    • intensity enough to develop and maintain a full range of motion 
    • time- repetitions of 10 -30 secs per muscle group
    hip stretches

    knee stretches

    hamstring stretches

    shoulder stretches

    Abdominal stretches and neck stretches

    stretching can have wonderful calming effects, it energizes and relaxes

    most importantly its not only these exercises but health and balanced diet is complementary which can be dealt in the forth coming articles. keep fit, stay tuned



    1. Healthy n fit blog...

    2. Exercise works wonders in our physical and emotional well-being. Nice rendering..


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