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What is a health kiosk ?- Will it be a necessity from the Pandemic

A modern Weighing Machine

I remember the younger good old days visiting with my parents to railway stations. The first thing that would fascinate me from a distance would be a colorful tall machine. My stride increases with every step towards it. Many a times I would persuade my dad to give me the shining rupee coin which I carefully carry it in my tight fists till I reach the tall machine. I would climb on the platform of the machine wait till the rotating discs stops and gleefully insert  my one rupee coin into its slot standing eagerly before it . I can hear the tingling sound of my coin falling into the metal kitty and a stamping machine vociferously printing a message for me. I would eagerly wait for a ticket to descend in my hands. Yes, it does and I can feel my broad smile on my face while trying to comprehend the stamped print. My weight is shown along with a humble lucky prediction for me. Its the delightful body weight weighing machine. As i grew up such instances in public places have replaced with many machines starting from ticket dispenser to milk dispenser to water dispenser to a fruit drink dispenser, the ATM and what not, but nothing is yet to replace the joy of my delightful weighing machine at the railway station.

Proven ATMs

Today I am confident to wait for the arrival of one more tall machine in COVID-19 times. Now you wonder what can it be? Hope you guessed it right and most of you would have.Such is the impact of this dreadful virus to the public. It is the health Kiosk machine. As we have extensively highlighted the importance of community healthcare in our preceding articles to a great extent even this content is definitely a fallout of importance towards public health as health is every thing to every living being for without it we can be called inanimate.

At this instance I would like to remind my readers the advent of ATM machines which has made a vital difference in our life in dispensing cash. It drastically reduced the most unproductive time of waiting for our turn in the banks. Same is the case we are here to introduce a similar machine but much more expectations because of its tag of health significance as it can help in measuring the precious physiological parameters of well being. It is the health kiosk machine. It is the one point machine where an individual can find his health parameters. In simple words its a health ATM but doesn't dispense money but measures your physiological parameters such as body temperature, heart rate, weight and blood pressure. It works by the sensors installed in the machine integrated to perfection which can scan your body from head to tail and derive the necessary parameters through the display LCD screen. Moreover the technology is so advanced so that a copy of the data can be saved on your mobile phone through a Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity. For eg., XIPHIAS software technology pvt ltd is one company which is in the journey of manufacturing it. Overseas has already started retailing this health service kiosk. This health kiosk will be very useful to the general public who are on the move. It adds convenience as well as alert information about the well being of the individual. It can also have add-ons such as information for immediate healthcare with directions  to the vicinity for faster health cover.

A Health Kiosk

Recently in Singapore, they have installed health kiosk machines in public places amidst the pandemic. It helps in reducing the fear in people by enabling timely health checkup and ensure their real time health condition. In addition to this an appliance called pulse Oximeter has been provided to the general public. 
It is an accurate and reliable equipment to find out the blood oxygen saturation levels denoted by SpO2, pulse rate and pulse strength in the body.  It was found that in some patients having difficulty to breathe  had manifestation of COVID-19 infection was possible.  Difficulty in breathing leads to lesser oxygen to the body which can impair the functions of other organs gradually. This pulse oximeter will enable you to measure the oxygen saturation and if found less may warrant immediate medical attention at a hospital facility. There is a medical condition called silent hypoxia in which the patient will be unaware of his reduced oxygen levels. This pulse oximeter can help in knowing the current level of oxygen in the individual. Its a life saving device that clips on a finger to show the level of oxygen in blood. One important use of this pulse oximeter is to identify and screen people with reducing oxygen saturation as possible in certain asymptomatic cases of covid patients.

A Pulse Oximeter

Magzblog throws light in the health kisok system and pulse oximeter for our readers as a food for thought during these difficult times of a pandemic. Incidentally I would like to remind you that Pulse Oximeter was invented by a Japanese engineer Takuo Aoyagi and he died  at the age of 84 on April 18 in Tokyo japan due to corona virus.
Takuo Aoyagi- A Japanese Scientist

stay healthy stay safe 



  1. Late-breaking information.

  2. Yes really might become a real necessity.. Thank you magzblog

  3. Insightful... very strong chance it will be part of daily life...


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