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Cha... I should have done this

Bring the cheer in you Cha.. I should have done this. This is Absolutely Not required. There are 7.8 billion souls in this planet of which roughly around 75% of population is above 18 years. and the common introspection is cha.. i Should have done this, or arrey I should have done this. There can be numerous instances to make you feel desperate. Some will die today tomorrow or after a decade. But you are alive now and doable and that’s the best part. Desperation, vex, annoyance, irksome or botheration is a common occurrence to many in this modern technological geek world, the aspirations of many attrition-ed  due to prevailing recession a major outcome of Covid infestation. The bread winners in the family raring to get back to the work, the school kids missing their mischievous pals and their favorite teachers at school, Sporting champions rueing in their own backyard burning their muscular machines, celebrities losing stardom as their films in their kitty are getting dried up. My hear

World Environment Day - An Awareness Campaign

Earth Table Of Contents World Environment Day On the 5th of June the world celebrated the world environment day with the theme 'biodiversity' after 'air polution' from the previous year. The celebration is being hosted in Columbia in partnership with Germany. It is being celebrated to create awareness in the minds of people on emerging environmental challenges of pollution, population, climate change, to preserve biodiversity and waste management towards global environment sustenance. So what is the significance of this  Environmental sustenance from India's stand point around world environment day? Magzblog highlights the awareness and campaigns the importance on environment sustenance. we dont have time? Green house effect India is the fastest developing countries in the world. You will be surprised that it is the fourth largest emitter of green house gases in the world. Greenhouse gases are those gases in the atmosphere that trap h

Is air travel safe?

Is Air Travel Safe? Table Of Contents The corona outbreak started from the city of Wuhan in china and spread its wings to the world over. With increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases spreading on one side and at the same time the stark contrast of economy declining on other side  is looming large in the face of nations world over. More than two months of lock down people are raring to get out of their homes to earn and fend for their living. With many people, family members, entrepreneurs stranded at different distant places opening of air travel was a necessity as thoughtfully perceived by ministry of civil aviation and resumed domestic flight operations. But the dangling question is, Is air travel safe? In flight transmission of contagious and infectious disease is a global health concern as the air travel can serve as a channel of spread for pandemics. In India with the domestic flights resuming on May 25 a detailed outlook on risk of fliers and their degr