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Innovation and you

Innovation and you

    Well I am definitely not a brand ambassador for Phillips. But true protagonists of ‘innovation’ for the optimist’s vibe I imbibe. We tread the different stages of our Life with experience gained with passage of time. And if we thoughtfully dwell into the past how many times might have we innovated ourselves for I believe that  its one characteristic attribute which is the process of creating something new that’s makes life better and brings a influx of endorphins in you. A set of guiding principles if adopted in life may ignite the spark in you.

     Be Adaptable                                                                                      

    Be adaptable and be open to change. In the present scenario of pandemic and economic recession every day is a challenge and it’s all in the thought process of how we innovate and adapt to its challenges. Innovation is linked to adaptability, it is further linked to resilience and the process of getting adopted and its manifestation reckons innovation. Change is not only constant but its rate of change has also accelerated over the years. This requires a flexible mindset which can be channelized towards positive living. Information and communication technology (ICT) has provided virtually on demand anything and everything with a click of button from news around the world to the person whom you want to communicate. But the decision of what to choose remains with us. An element of innovative thinking is very essential in deciding what is required and what’s not. It means to be aware of what and where this ever transforming world is heading to and thus keep track of its change and adapt to global machinations in the process we innovate.

    Be Creative

     An innovative attitude is a creativity which begets solution to problems. The starting point of any innovation is creativity. Young Indian minds like Kavya vignesh who innovated a robot to save bees,   young Namam tiwari a developer of 22 apps including one for malaria detection and security for woman and many others have innovated something creative and commendable. This kind of creativity will change the lifestyle of millennium.

    Be Ambitious

     Innovation comes from being ambitious because it incites an out of box thinking or the ambition to think beyond the current norms.  Jeffrey Preston Bezos the CEO of Amazon is the most ambitious thinker, internet entrepreneur and investor with a net worth of 1.8 billion dollars. His ambitious idea of using the growth of internet to his business as a platform would overtake competition from his competitors was a grand success. His ambition was so great that transpired the avenues in innovation starting from a book store to a world class investor.

    Show Courage

    Courage makes change and innovation possible. Courage is vital to challenge conventional thinking and envision new possible thinking. Individuals need courage to live by their values even when job security is put at risk. In fact innovation on the lines of courage brings out the leader in you. All the world innovators Thomas Edison, Steve jobs, Leonardo Da Vinci, Sandford Flemming, Marie curie etc has shown courage in their innovation to change the world with their ideas and brilliant mind.

    Think and Act fast

     Match up to the pace of the outside world. For example producing a vaccine or an antiviral drug itself will be a huge step forward in arresting the vicious cycle of the pandemic. Thinking and acting fast helps in not getting stuck midway and enables to propel forward to the path of fulfilling the idea on the anvil.

    For many it’s a general tendency to look innovation as an 'equipment' perspective. For its ambit ranges to cover many entities for even the policies and procedures that can be adapted for national security. This reminds me of the innovative word ‘Expansionist’ used in bringing forth to the world media the reality and realization about china’s greedy expansion policies towards India. It served as a force multiplier in enabling to push back the Chinese soldiers creating a buffer zone in the Galwan valley at least for now. Our country is a 1.3 billion population and can surpass china's population within a decade. From an innovation stand point, our country requires a National Innovation System as popularized by Richard nelson which will comprise a network of institutions in the public and private sectors to develop technologies with a profound Research and development (R&D) base. R&D requires a long term vision. India’s spending is just 0.6% of GDP where as china’s spending is 20 times more than India. A prospective long term planning with a holistic innovative geopolitical consideration is the need of the hour.

    Our Universities play a very important role in R&D but not even one Indian university is in top 300 in the world ranking as suggested by the times report. There is only 26 companies from India which has a strong R&D base among the global companies R&D spenders. The manufacturing base in Indian industry is very limited and the economy is service sector driven. Apart from automotive companies engineering sector is lagging behind.

    There is something which our country has to stem at the grass root level. For it is the attitude and a strong conviction to be towards 'home made'. As policies towards ‘Atma nirbar’ are already in vogue but it is up to each and every individual to pull up our socks and remain innovative in whatever field of work we enterprise. For I conclude, think  to strategise, accept  the challenge, derive the idea and stream line the process of innovation and deliver.

    Happy living



    1. Dear sir.
      The article in indeed informative and good for all students. Keep us up to date by sharing such excellent blogs.
      God bless you

    2. Dear sir.
      The article in indeed informative and good for all students. Keep us up to date by sharing such excellent blogs.
      God bless you


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