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Understanding of feeding grains to horses - Oats

Understanding of feeding grains to horses - Oats Oats (jaee) Avena Sativa  they are commonly grown as Rabi crop in india. The benefits  oats are source of low calorie high protein and high fiber diet for horses. oats regulate the blood sugar level by improving the insulin sensitivity . good source of quick release energy in the form of starch and some sugar for horses in work. good source of the mineral phosphorus provides protein about 13 % and fiber plus B vitamins. horses ideally require a ratio of calcium to phosphorus of 1.5-2 parts calcium to one part phosphorus Role of phosphorus phosphorus is important for healthy bones, teeth joints, and hooves.  imp for healthy metabolism, an electrolyte and hence important in the diet of all horses more applicable to horses which are under heavy work and extra electrolyte losses through sweat. How oats are healthy for horses? Oats contain an highly digestible form of starch that does not require heat treatment or processing. hence can be fed