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Competency domain in health - an irrefutable mandatory

 Competency domain in health - a irrefutable mandatory

As we all are languishing under the effect of a virus locked within the four walls of our homes and institution. It does give ample time to take cognisance of health of everyone as an individual, as a family, as a community, state, nation and of course the world as a cosm.

Surely the most primary entity for the mankind to thrive is health. The health is not a unique and separate entity for individuals and doctors to embrace. Health is the equilibrium with environment and the individual human genetic self as a whole. Let’s Say we represent PH= G + E where G is the genetic constitution i.e., the individuals capacity to thrive as an individual and E is the Environments effect on complementing the primary Health of individual (PH). Hope this equation might surely remind us of phenotype in genetics but surely this can be applied to the subtle sustenance of individuals health in a population.

So my take is application of this equation at every level or strata of individuals interplay in which he resides and acts. Firstly the self health can be audited by ensuring the maintenance of equilibrium in what ever actions he tend to perform. It’s his responsibility to maintain the gods gift of genetic constitution by taking the proper diet, maintain the proper physique and maintain a positive psychic outlook to thrive and survive. Well these can be further broken down into several such health related factors that can be acted upon by  oneself.

Next is the role of health in family. A common minimal disciplinary approach or say a common time table of healthy habits for the family can be framed which can be adequately addressed in consideration of the habits, fancies and structure of the family. It is very important to know what is health for the family, their lineage, their healthy customs and also know what is harmful to the members of family to ward off its harmful effects. Family history, average survival age of parents and  ancestors can definitely indicate the health of family. So in the current scenario adjustments and alignments towards the betterment of health of family can be ascribed as a immediate family need to be instituted.

Dwelling on the community, it is one vital factor whose role cannot be denied in maintaining the health of community. It all in simple terms dwindles down to ‘what is healthy for my community?’ . It starts from the sanitation and hygiene of the local community to their habits towards ensuring and maintaining their community public hygiene. Now I would like to bring to the notice of readers why a clean place attracts value. Right from the developed countries in the world to the developing countries the difference lies mainly in cleanliness and maintenace of public hygiene. We go to the cities of England, cities in France and Italy all the public places, utility areas, public transport system are mostly spic and span well maintained. Most will argue that they have a limited population. No it’s in their minds first that a clean place will give way to health, aptly reflected in the average number of years they live compared to the average lifetimes in developing countries. It’s more of a mindset and a unwavering dedication from the community which can rise standards. Now it can start from ‘Strict No to complacency in public health’.

Addressing the role of government as a state or nation, though the charter of welfare state is enshrined in the constitutional documents there is vast areas of work to be still pursued to move at least somewhere near towards the equilibrium of health. Their policies should be primarily addressing the health concern on a war footing rather than a laid back 'wait and watch approach. A common emergency contingency plan for a large scale pandemic should be in the kitty of every nation. The number of healthcare professionals, number of beds, number of respirators, oxygen cylinders, nursing elements should be built at the earliest with a long term ever prevalent health infrastructure for all to approach. In fact health care facility for every housing colony or society or a group of flats should be the the approach and there should be no dichotomy in providing the best intensive care  facilities in every community otherwise only upgrading a few private hospital which has actually no value and has to be in contingency planning of disaster management and these facilities once created should be nurtured for expertise and effective use. The mindset of ad hoc planning and execution must be eliminated in the purview of public health. Surely what is the point in exploring the extraterrestrial universe without the basic needs and amenities for  community health and research ffacilities for a pandemic doesn’t exist.

From the global standpoint, strict proactive promises has to be taken just for the survival of mankind. The attitude of 'My country is safe not bothered about what the other country is facing' should be avoided and playing the cards od economic supremacy during this difficult times should be considered a bane. All the international treaties, conventions and agreements should pledge for maintaining the vibrancy and survival of this rare species of mankind. Strict self restraints have to be adopted for the better health of mankind in not meddling with the deadly pathogens in the name of bio weapon research. More importantly, not to invade the sanctum sanctorum of wildlife and its domain. Identify all the critical public  health compromising critical areas and hazard analysis and institute measures to prevent it from invading their domains across. Well we are very aware of the consequences and manifestation of meddling with the natural barriers and ecosystem balance which of late is being manifested as nature fury in many forms in increased frequency from global warming to increasing sea levels to the melting glaciers and enraging pandemic. It is time to act in unison for it is now or never if we want to leave the world a better place to live for us and our progenitors.

Hope I have adequately conveyed My point of view... that Competency domain in health is an irrefutable mandatory and have to be adopted individual to globally.



  1. Nice thought. Very needy during this pandemic. I miss public health workers.

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  3. Need of the hour...
    It's time to support each other...

  4. Thank you for the timely and wonderful article


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